Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Blog, First Post

So I've decided to enter the world of blogging. Partially because Drew can't have a blog hosted by more than one person and use PayPerPost, so if I have something to say or share, I don't have a place to do it. And partially because Drew now has all this fun money from PayPerPost and I am a bit jealous.

In my new webspace I hope to share pictures that I've taken with the nifty new camera that Drew got me for Valentine's Day, share info I've found on one of my new hobbies, knitting, and any other new hobby or obsession that comes my way.

I hope you all enjoy it. Leave me comments, say hello - I'm new to this big, scary place called blogging.


Drew said...

I guess it is only fitting that I, your husband be the first to post on your blog. I'm glad that you are getting your own online space. I look forward to working with you on projects that will enhance each of our blogs. I can't wait to see what you come up with here. Great job Hon!

Stephen said...


Really cool, don't forget to link to my blog.


Sparky said...

Thanks, Stephen. You're added! :-)

E said...

Good luck with the blog! I look forward to the B.E. posts :)

Sparky said...

Thanks, eep. I appreciate the support! :-)

Mo said...

welcome!!! i'm anticipating a lot of hits from yours truly...especially on the BE stuff!! i'm excited!!

have fun!!

Autumn said...

Hi! I know Drew is such a blog hog ; ) I love your new space.
Fortune House soon, I could go for some crispy walnut chicken and spicy cucumbers.