Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New pics

Sorry that I haven't posted pictures in a while. Our computer went wonky on us. We still don't have photoshop loaded, so I can't add some of the pictures I really want to, but I have found a way to load some from my phone. So here for your viewing pleasure is Eva and her Daddy reading. I was running around getting ready for a baby shower this weekend but I had to stop and snap this shot; it just melted my heart.

Eva and Daddy reading

Monday, January 7, 2008

Tummy Time

Eva did a little "Tummy Time" last week and I caught it on film - okay, memory card, let's not be too picky here, people! So today I have some photos of Eva holding her head up, drooling and looking like she just came off a three week bender. Enjoy our lovely girl!

Tummy time
She's so strong holding her head up so high!

A little drool for you
A little drooly!

What are you doing here?
So expressive!

Getting tired...
A little tired after all that work! Or maybe it's a milk hangover....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Not a resolution

Well, I'm not making a New Year's Resolution, but I do want to make more of an effort to use my blog and get photos of Eva up, especially when Drew is traveling. Yesterday I took some cute photos of Eva and Drew started pestering me about getting them up on my blog. So today I dusted off my Photoshop skills and got these photos touched up and uploaded. I took some cute ones today, hopefully they will be up tomorrow.

So for your viewing pleasure....

Eva smiles

I'm happy, I think...
I think I'm happy....
I'm happier now....
Yes, I'm happier.
Eva smiles
I AM happy!

Eva at play - who let a three month old have a pen?

What are you looking at lady?
What are you looking at Mom?

What is this in my hand?
What is this in my hand?

Hmmm... really, what is this?
Really, what is this thing?

Ooh... a snowman!
Oooohhhh... it's a snowman!