Monday, January 7, 2008

Tummy Time

Eva did a little "Tummy Time" last week and I caught it on film - okay, memory card, let's not be too picky here, people! So today I have some photos of Eva holding her head up, drooling and looking like she just came off a three week bender. Enjoy our lovely girl!

Tummy time
She's so strong holding her head up so high!

A little drool for you
A little drooly!

What are you doing here?
So expressive!

Getting tired...
A little tired after all that work! Or maybe it's a milk hangover....


goldengoddess said...

Hi Allison, Happy Birthday!

A little bird named Drew was sharing the news ... LOL! My significant other also celebrates his birthday today. You may know him as Ron from his own blog at "What's All This Then" and Anon A. Mus at "Adapt, Adopt and Improve" on BlogSpot. We both wish YOU a very Happy Birthday, and a wonderful year full of precious moments with Eva and Drew!

Lisa said...

She is just so darn cute. And happy birthday!

Mo said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again-now if I can get into the habit!!! I'll have to change your listing on my blog too!

I miss you and I hope you had the happiest of birthdays!!

Eva is (of course) adorable-I'm looking forward to many pictures in the future...I miss you all so much!!

Christine said...

Happy belated birthday!

What cute pictures...Eva sure is growing fast!

Glad to see you blogging again...please keep it up! :)