Monday, April 30, 2007

Big Announcement!

That's right - we have a big announcement to share. We've outgrown our college clothing!

No!!! Drew and I picked up these toddler shirts on our last visits to our respective colleges in preparation of this big announcment...
We're expecting our first child in October!

We're very excited and have been waiting to share the good news with everyone!

Now that the big news is out, I'll start posting photos of some of my knitting projects, most of which have been baby related.

Enjoy the happy news and keep an eye here for updates!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Totally Adorable

I came across this site today and just had to share it with any parents or people with kids in their lives. Totally Out of Hand makes custom jewelry out of sterling silver, or gold if you prefer, from your children's drawings. The artist, Lee Skalkos, has tons of photos on the site of her work alongside the original artwork.

The pieces on her site are so cute and different that you can't help but fall in love with them. I can't imagine how special it would be to get a piece of your child's artwork sculpted in silver!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter!
We are enjoying a very relaxing Easter weekend in NH with my parents. It's been wonderful to enjoy the company of family on this holiday weekend. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable celebration with their loved ones!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Thursday Night TV - She Said

So here we are again with the She Said. To see the He Said, check out Drew's entertainment blog.

The Office was great last night. And we got an extra 15 minutes - I was in heaven!!! I can't believe that Dwight saved the day!! What a great bit of irony - the one person who makes Jim crazy is the one who saved him!

And I can't believe how clueless Michael is sometimes - he knows NOTHING about negotiation. It's hard to imagine that anyone can be that clueless. But Michael comes around to remind us every Thursday.

SCRUBS was a good epsiode, too. I was really sad that Laverne had to leave, but they did a great job with the story. Sometimes it's hard for a comedy to do something serious like the death of a cast member without seeming too flip about it or totally killing the vibe of the show and being too serious. This episode was well written with just the right amount of humor and drama. Hopefully Jordan won't kill Dr. Cox for forgetting to tell the rest of the hospital staff about the baby!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

LOST - She Said

So Drew decided that we would do a He Said/She Said about LOST. And informed me of this decision by posting to his entertainment blog. Thanks, hon!

So, my take on LOST. Last night was a little less exciting than the last few episodes. But I did love the scenes with Hurley and Sawyer. It was so great that Hurley conned the con-man. Even if it was a little cheesy.

I have no deep theories on the smoke monster, I'll leave those to Drew. I'm not sure if I trust Juliette or not. I can't imagine that she can do a lot of harm on her own, but stranger things have happened on the island.

The one thought that did enter my mind was that Juliette knows the code to the electric fences - maybe they'll move all the Losties up to the Others camp and take it over. Then there will be a huge battle scene when the Others return and find their camp taken over. That's my one little theory/daydream about the show.

So that's my She Said. I hope it wasn't too boring for you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tagged twice!

I've been bad about updating, please forgive me.

So it appears I've been tagged twice. So here goes:

First I was tagged by Christine:

List five things you are obsessed with, then tag five people to do the same. I'm not sure I'm really obsessed with anything, but here are my five biggest passions (besides Drew, which is a bit cliche to use as a line item).
So here goes, in no particular order…
1. Folk music
2. Cats
3. Reading and Writing
4. Knitting
5. Cooking

Then I was tagged by Drew:

This time it's a musical theme.
About the MEME: I need to pick 7 CD’s or music tracks that I am listening to right now. 5 from CD player at home and two from the car. I listen to CDs at work more than home, so we'll do work and car.

1. Essentials - Ellis Paul
2. Big Dream Boulevard - Antje Duvekot
3. Side Streets Live - Christopher Williams
4. Live in Michigan - Don White
5. Jake Armerding - Jake Armerding
6. American Jukebox Fables - Ellis Paul
7. Hope & Other Casualites - Mark Erelli

People get mad when I tag them... and I have no one left to tag, so just enjoy my responses and chec out some of the artists I'm listening to. The're pretty cool.