Thursday, April 5, 2007

LOST - She Said

So Drew decided that we would do a He Said/She Said about LOST. And informed me of this decision by posting to his entertainment blog. Thanks, hon!

So, my take on LOST. Last night was a little less exciting than the last few episodes. But I did love the scenes with Hurley and Sawyer. It was so great that Hurley conned the con-man. Even if it was a little cheesy.

I have no deep theories on the smoke monster, I'll leave those to Drew. I'm not sure if I trust Juliette or not. I can't imagine that she can do a lot of harm on her own, but stranger things have happened on the island.

The one thought that did enter my mind was that Juliette knows the code to the electric fences - maybe they'll move all the Losties up to the Others camp and take it over. Then there will be a huge battle scene when the Others return and find their camp taken over. That's my one little theory/daydream about the show.

So that's my She Said. I hope it wasn't too boring for you!