Friday, April 6, 2007

Thursday Night TV - She Said

So here we are again with the She Said. To see the He Said, check out Drew's entertainment blog.

The Office was great last night. And we got an extra 15 minutes - I was in heaven!!! I can't believe that Dwight saved the day!! What a great bit of irony - the one person who makes Jim crazy is the one who saved him!

And I can't believe how clueless Michael is sometimes - he knows NOTHING about negotiation. It's hard to imagine that anyone can be that clueless. But Michael comes around to remind us every Thursday.

SCRUBS was a good epsiode, too. I was really sad that Laverne had to leave, but they did a great job with the story. Sometimes it's hard for a comedy to do something serious like the death of a cast member without seeming too flip about it or totally killing the vibe of the show and being too serious. This episode was well written with just the right amount of humor and drama. Hopefully Jordan won't kill Dr. Cox for forgetting to tell the rest of the hospital staff about the baby!