Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tagged twice!

I've been bad about updating, please forgive me.

So it appears I've been tagged twice. So here goes:

First I was tagged by Christine:

List five things you are obsessed with, then tag five people to do the same. I'm not sure I'm really obsessed with anything, but here are my five biggest passions (besides Drew, which is a bit cliche to use as a line item).
So here goes, in no particular order…
1. Folk music
2. Cats
3. Reading and Writing
4. Knitting
5. Cooking

Then I was tagged by Drew:

This time it's a musical theme.
About the MEME: I need to pick 7 CD’s or music tracks that I am listening to right now. 5 from CD player at home and two from the car. I listen to CDs at work more than home, so we'll do work and car.

1. Essentials - Ellis Paul
2. Big Dream Boulevard - Antje Duvekot
3. Side Streets Live - Christopher Williams
4. Live in Michigan - Don White
5. Jake Armerding - Jake Armerding
6. American Jukebox Fables - Ellis Paul
7. Hope & Other Casualites - Mark Erelli

People get mad when I tag them... and I have no one left to tag, so just enjoy my responses and chec out some of the artists I'm listening to. The're pretty cool.