Monday, March 19, 2007

Did someone say makeup?

Almost a year ago I started using new makeup. Little did I know that my world would never be the same!

I had been eyeing the commercials for Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup for a while and found out that my mom had some, so I decided to give it a shot and I really loved it! It looks natural, not like I'm wearing a ton of makeup, even though I need good coverage because I was not blessed with the best skin.

Then I discovered that QVC has kits that they sell and both my wonderful husband and our credit card began weeping. Honestly though I think that the kits are a great way to gather some staples and some new/fun items at a bit of a discount versus buying each item individually. I just got a new kit this weekend; it was part of an automatic delivery set I bought in September. It was fun to play with some new things while we were snowed in on Friday night and Saturday morning!

Drew was kind enough to offer to let me set up a Bare Escentuals discussion section in the forum that he set up for his blog. So if you're interested in BE or love it and want to talk about ideas or have questions, stop on by the forums. We don't bite!


Christine said...

I've been eyeballing this stuff for a while now. I did a brief stint selling Mary Kay, and I did keep some of the inventory when I quit (I was able to get most of my money back for what I did send back to them.

MK stuff is okay, I guess, but I've been looking for something better. I don't have the best skin myself, so I'd love to give this a try. I think I will order the Starter Kit on the site that you linked to.

Mo said...

Christine-it's awesome! I have very sensitive skin and have found allergies from everything from Clinique, to MK, to even Oil of Olay! Bareminerals is unbelievable-it's all natural...and totally worth it! I'm completely addicted-and glad to share the addiction with Allison!

I hope you enjoy it!!! When you get it hit up the forum and chat with us!!

Sparky said...

Mo's right. It's great stuff! I recommend the starter kit. the brush that it comes with is AWESOME and it's got well rested, the mineral veil and two foundations. It's a great kit for a beginner. And you can use your other makeup with it until you join our addicted ranks and spend way too much on BE!

Mo said...

i came thisclose to hitting sephora today...but traffic and my low tolerance of idiot drivers in traffic made me fold on the plan.

ho hum.

Christine said...

TAG! You're IT!

Hint, hint hint to post more often! LOL!