Friday, March 9, 2007

Tagged again

I was tagged by Drew for this grateful meme. The three things I am most grateful for.

1. My family. Which is huge and encompasses everyone related to me and my wonderful husband. Our family is always supportive and wonderful and I'm happy to have them.

2. My friends. I have a wonderful network of supportive friends who I really appreciate. Even if we don't all get to talk as much as we'd like, it's great to know they will be there if they are needed.

3. Our boys. Our cats, Oliver & Duncan, may drive me crazy sometimes, but they have been wonderful company and are always good for a hug and a snuggle when someone needs it the most. We're lucky to have such wonderful pets.

Okay, I'll tag Pink Pirate Pants. Maybe she's better at responding here than to phone calls. ;-)


Drew said...

I'll have to bookmark this for the next time you call and tell me that the cats aren't going to live the night. :-)

Stephen said...


I have responded to your tag and have added a link to my ODD (online Digital Diary) for you