Thursday, March 8, 2007

New Stuff

So I'm learning more and more about blogging. Mostly things my wonderful husband tells me that I need. So I am now on FuelMyBlog and have a widget for people to vote for me, if they feel so inclined.

And now I've added Drew's Photo-a-Day widget to my page, which will show Drew's most recent photo from his Photo-a-Day project. He's an excellent photographer. You should check out his photos.

I also added a MyBlogLog widget, so you can see my recent readers (only those who are registered with MyBlogLog). Apparently I have some readers that I don't know. Pretty nifty!


Drew said...

You are coming along very quickly. Great stuff so far. We need to see more of your photos.

Sparky said...

I need to take some more photos first!! :-)

Drew said...

You have been tagged by me. :-)