Friday, April 4, 2008

Florida Trip

I finally unpacked my camera from our Florida trip. I have a few photos from Eva's first day in Florida here and will put up the photos of her first swim and other Florida photos this weekend.

Naked Toes
As I've said before, Eva loves naked toes and in Florida they could be naked quite a lot. That made Eva one happy kid.

My dad's friend Stephen visited our first weekend there. He brought Eva this adorable seahorse. Its belly lights up like a Gloworm and it plays music. It's awesome.

New hat
My mom got Eva this cute hat for our visit. I love the little flap in the back to cover her neck.

Smooshy face
Eva makes the cutest faces when she's babbling. I love this face, especially. Those cheeks make me melt.

Stay tuned for more Florida photos.