Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Girl's Weekend

Well, if you read Drew's blog you know that he had a guy's weekend this weekend. That would mean that Eva and I had a girl's weekend. Our friend Jenn had our friends Amy and T.R. and Eva and I up to her parents' house in Vermont (we missed you Beth!). It was a great weekend with friends and Eva loved having four women to dote on her all weekend long! Eva was a champ for the three and a half hours of driving and was great all weekend.

On our drive up we made a brief pit stop to visit Eva's great-grandpa John and great-grandma Eva (Mommy and Miss Amy needed a potty break and Eva needed to stretch a bit, too).
With Great Grandma Eva
With Great Grandma Eva
With Great Grandpa John
With Great Grandpa John

When we got to Vermont Jenn, Amy and T.R. went to get groceries and Eva and I relaxed a bit. Then we had a yummy dinner of tacos. Well, Eva had rice cereal and peas, but we'll not split hairs.

On Saturday we went to the Vermont Country Store for some shopping.
What's going on here?
Eva's curious about our adventure.
Eva and Mommy at the Vermont Country Store
Eva and Mommy after a long afternoon of shopping

After a nap (for both of us!), we all went out to a nice dinner in South Londonderry, Vermont. Then we came home and took a group photo.
The Girls
Miss Amy, Miss T.R., Aunt Jenny, Eva and Mommy

On Sunday morning, Eva ate her breakfast, the girls made a great big yummy breakfast and we headed out on our way home.
Eva ready for Breakfast
Eva is very serious about breakfast.

Miss Amy, Eva and I found an interesting little place for lunch on our way home and were happy to get home to our families. The weekend was a lot of fun. But I think next time Eva will be old enough to stay home with daddy.


The BenSpark said...

By then she'll have teeth and be able to have some wings. :-) Just kidding, We will go and do some fun stuff together.