Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from Florida

Eva and I are back safely from Florida. She's kept me busy the last week, but I'm all caught up now and have photos edited to share. Eva loved seeing her Mimi and Grandpa Dan-o. It was so nice to stay with them.

Here are some highlights from our trip.

On Tuesday, Mimi took us to the Palm Beach Zoo.

Eva's First Carousel Ride
Eva rode on a carousel for the first time.
Eva liked watching the Alligators
Eva liked watching the alligators swim around.
A Flamingo Disagreement
Mommy enjoyed watching the flamingos argue.
Eva and Mimi at Lunch at the Zoo
Mimi enjoyed having lunch with Eva.
Giant Iguana
There were some free roaming animals, like this giant iguana.
The Peacock was too close for my comfort!
Mommy did not like the free roaming peacocks. Ask me about my peacock attack some time... I'm not a fan.

On Wednesday, Eva and I hung out alone at the house after running some errands in the morning. The errands made Eva sleepy.
Sleepy After a Morning of Errands

On Thursday, Grandpa Dan-o took us to IKEA to look for bibs for Eva (so far these are the best we've found). We had lunch at the IKEA Cafe. When we got home we went swimming.

Lunch at Ikea
Eva liked eating in her stroller.
Eva & Grandpa Dan-o in the pool
Eva and Grandpa Dan-o at the pool.

On Friday, Mimi was off and we went swimming!
Eva Swimming with Mimi

On Friday night Auntie Mo arrived. On Saturday we went swimming with Auntie Mo.
Chillin' With Auntie Mo
Chillin' with Auntie Mo

On Sunday we went to the pool with Mimi and Grandpa Dan-o. At the pool she discovered that she could take off Grandpa's glasses and throw them in the water. It's a very fun game. After the pool we went shopping and had a nice dinner out.
These Come Off!
Hey, these come off!
And They Go in the Pool!
Into the pool they go!
Eva, Mimi & Grandpa Dan-o
Swimming with Mimi & Grandpa Dan-o
No Photos, Please!
Eva's finally had it with the photos.


The BenSpark said...

Those are so cute. I hadn't seen your photos from Florida yet. We'll have to file them and add them to Kodak soon.

Sparky said...

Thanks, hon. There are more on Flickr, but I didn't want to overwhelm the post with photos.