Friday, July 25, 2008

New Pics

I haven't been good about getting pictures up, sorry! Eva keeps me busy! So here are some new ones from this week!

You want?
Eva snuck into my knitting bag and stole some scrap yarn from me.

She's Crafty!
She is so proud!

Stash stealer
What a happy stash stealer!

She's a pointing machine these days!

Who me?
Who me? Going somewhere I'm not supposed to? NEVER!

Big Girl!
Today Eva pulled herself up in her Pack'n'Play

Standing Up
She's so proud to be standing up!

And finally, a close up to see those top toofers!


Christine said...

Eva is too cute! I love all of her various facial expressions. I think I like the second pic the best, where she seems so proud of her yarn thievery.

Sparky said...

Thanks, Christine! She sure is a cutie! She's really keeping me on my toes this week!