Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eva's First Visit to Disney

We have been having a great time in Florida visiting with Mimi and Grandpa Dan-o. We've had lots of fun adventures. So far, my favorite was taking Eva to Disney World with Drew and Auntie Mo.

All sunblocked up and ready to hit the park

Eva's loving the tram ride with Daddy

The Halloween decorations at Disney were just amazing.

Eva's first ride at Disney!

Eva fell asleep on the walk over to It's a Small World and slept right through the ride. But not to worry, we rode it again once she woke up.

Eva and Daddy in a cage!

Eva sitting on a Honey Pot in Pooh's Playful Spot

Mommy and Eva at Pooh's front door.

It was a long day at the park and Eva was a trooper! I think she held up better than mommy! But it was a great day and we're so glad to have been able to take Eva to meet the mouse!

Drew has some photos up on the Benspark and Mo has some up on her Flickr site from her entire weekend with Eva. Her commentary is worth the read!