Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Drew's in Another Contest

So Drew is a finalist in another contest. This one would put him in a Super Bowl Commercial - and would send us to California for the taping.

Check out his post for details on how to vote.


Drew said...

Thanks hon. I appreciate the post about the contest.

Lisa said...

He's in a tie for 2nd place right now! :)

Mo said...

will the trip you are GOING to win be before or after the baby benspark is borned? if after, i can only commit my votes if you promise i can babysit...and if you're taking the kid with you then, well, that just means i go along for the ride;) haa!

Sparky said...

I hope he does well, Lisa!

Sparky said...

Mo, It will likely be after the baby is born. I think I'm done flying until then! ;-)

Drew thinks the trip will be in January. You can babysit or come along as an au
pair! ;-)