Thursday, August 9, 2007


So I finally uploaded pictures of some of my projects. I have a few more photos to take and upload, but here's a start.

This was my first project. I gave it to a friend as a shower gift and am trying to finish a similar one for Baby BenSpark, but with ducky buttons.


Here is a detail of the buttons.

My next big project was for my friend's son's third birthday.

And the button detail again - buttons make the sweater most of the time!

I will add some photos of some of the hats and other things I have made soon. I am working on a blanket for Baby BenSpark at the moment and will add photos of that when I am done. Hopefully you've enjoyed my new hobby - I sure love it!


Drew said...

My wife does some great knitting. She is a pro these days.

Sparky said...

Thanks, hon. I really enjoy it.

Stephen said...

Awesome Moose buttons Where do I get some of those

I like Moose

Sparky said...

Stephen, the moose buttons came from AC Moore. They have some really cute buttons there! :-)

Mo said...

Sparky!! Those are adorable!! I want to have a kid just so you can knit things for them! Ha! I can't wait to see more:) FANTASTIC job!!

Sparky said...

Thanks, Mo! It's so much fun to work on my projects! I got five rows of my newest project done on the drive to and from IKEA yesterday.
When you have babies I'll knit them lots of things! :-)

Retta said...

OMG the buttons are adorable! Great knit! (makes note to look for uber cute buttons next shopping trip....)

Christine said...

One of these days, I will figure out how to knit, But in the meantime, I will be buying up every moose button that AC Moore has! I love moose second to cats!

Cute sweaters! :-)

Sparky said...

My Local Yarn Shop has cute buttons - and so does AC Moore. The pewter teddy bears just melted my heart!

Sparky said...

Check out your local yarn shop, they probably offer classes. Even Michaels and AC Moore offer crafting classes. And is a great reference!