Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Eva and I went to Maine a couple of weeks ago to see my best friend, Elise, and her family at her family's vacation house. It was great fun to see them and Eva enjoyed playing with Elise's little boy, H. We were in Maine for one night, then we headed back home, stopping to see Uncle Nate and Auntie Sarah for lunch on our way.

E and I riding in the golf cart on the island
Eva and I riding the golf cart to the beach.

Eva on the beach in Maine
Eva enjoying the beach in Maine.

Amy and Eva
Eva with our friend Amy.

Me and Eva with our friend Amy
Me and Eva with our friend Amy. (Photo credit to Elise.)

Eva watching the waves
Eva watching the waves on the ferry ride back to Portland.

Eva and her friend H checking out the view from the back of the ferry
Eva and her friend H check out the view.

E and I on the Ferry home
The girls on the ride to Portland.

E with Uncle Nate in Portsmouth
Eva and Uncle Nate in Portsmouth.