Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Pics

Miss Eva has been very photogenic lately. Okay, she's always photogenic and mommy has just taken a bunch of photos recently. She's been a lot of fun the last week or two. She's pulling up and starting to cruise along furniture and the toofer count is up to 8! Wasn't she born just a few weeks ago? She's growing up way too fast!

And for your viewing pleasure:
Eva sporting her teddy bear raincoat!

So sweet
Eva prefers not to wear the bows, she thinks they should be tossed about the floor. Mommy thinks the bows are cute.

Maraca Mama
Maraca Mama - Eva loves the maracas that her friend H sent her!

Baby blues
Baby Blues - Those eyes just kill me!

Superstar - Eva loves to play with mommy's sunglasses.

Smiley - Eva loves to smile.

Big Girl
Big Girl - Eva likes to try to stand when she's not near any furniture. So far it hasn't gotten any further than this. I'm really grateful that she's a dainty girl and hates to fall over, so she's very careful to sit. :-)