Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blue Egg Photography Note Cards

Blue Egg Photography Note Cards, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

The other day Drew got a package from Blue Egg Photography. I was pretty curious, but I patiently waited for him to come home to see what was inside. I was thrilled to see the package contained beautiful cards of food! What could be better than pictures of food?? These are beautifully done artistic photos of food taken by Susan Lalich a chef and photographer. Her talent is truly amazing!

And apparently when Drew blogged about the cards here he was told that Chef Sue would be happy to hear how I would be putting the cards to use.

In his post, Drew explained that I have been working with an organization called ChemoAngels. ChemoAngels is a not for profit organization that provides a ray of sunshine to the lives of chemo patients by connecting them with volunteers who send cards, letters and small gifts to men, women and children who are enduring chemotherapy treatments.

I think I joined ChemoAngels about 7 years ago and still hear from former patients who have graduated from the program. It's rewarding to get a note that you made someone's day a little brighter. And I love stationary and writing, so this is the perfect volunteer project for me. And I bet my ChemoBuddies will love getting these beautiful cards for the next few weeks!